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Dolphin | Tote bag


Size: Unique
Color: White


This lovely line-art lives on a beautiful and strong tote bag made of recycled cotton and polyester. It has all you need from an environmentally friendly companion.

The woven canvas is made without pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical fertilizers. The Fair Wear certification ensures that we support fair labour practices and ethical production. The ink is eco-friendly and the bag has a Global Recycled Standard certificate.

Material and size

  • 80% Recycled cotton serving as an environmentally friendly and durable cotton base
  • 20% Recycled polyester to add flexibility to the fabric with minimal environmental impact
  • Height: 39 cm, Width: 37 cm, Strap length: 65 cm
  • 300 gsm fabric weight for the perfect balance between weight and durability.
  • Long handles with a reinforced cross stitch to make it safe and easy to carry what you need.
  • Shaping seam at the bottom to create volume



The Design Story

Dolphins name themselves, and each individual has a different whistle.
They can also recognize other Dolphins’ names.

With that much intelligence, there is probably a lot of teaching going on in the Dolphin community. They stay with their mothers for long years (up to 8) before leaving the "pod" and becoming independent.

Another thing they do is to help the elderly and the sick in their group. You can imagine that from their birth to death, they have pretty social lives.
- “Hey, did you see uncle Johnny? Does he need anything from the ocean?”
- No, but remember to ask Millie to study fish schools; she’s only 5. You can’t leave her alone yet!


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