Organic cotton

What is organic cotton?

In short, it is cotton grown without the use of toxic and persistent chemicals as pesticides or fertilizers. It is better for you and the environment.


Why is it better for me?

It is softer and more comfortable to wear. It keeps its natural properties longer than conventional cotton, lasting longer and helping your budget.


Why is it better for the environment?

It is a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. The methods used in its farming is much safer for the environment, it requires 91% less water and 62% less energy for production, and lends support to local farmers.


How can I ensure a product is organic?

You can check the Global Organic Textile Standard certification when you receive organic products. Our products contain the green logo you see at the end of the page, among others that certify compliance with ethical production standards. Our product descriptions contain more details.


Are all organic cotton the same?

Not really. For example, spinning the cotton yarn and combing it (called combed ring-spun) will produce higher quality apparel with a more luxurious feeling. That is why we use this alternative in our products.





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