TOL's Story

The Beginning

Those One Liners started with a few ideas: create something unique, give back with what you can, and raise awareness while you do so. 

But how can we reach there? Thus, the journey began…


The Path & The Principles

The aim was to create meaningful minimalist designs matched with responsibly sourced material. These are the principles:

  • Story backed: the designs had to serve a purpose by entertaining and inciting awareness. Ideally doing both at the same time.
  • Minimalist design: minimalism implies keeping only the essentials. Nothing could have achieved that goal better than continuous line drawings. This is why “Those One Liners” explores this style.
  • Giving back: each item sold on the website needed to contribute to a just cause. It also needed to consider both long and short them impact. For this reason, each purchase plants trees for the future and also donates to a cause we can support long before the trees grow.
  • Responsible sourcing: Being fair to the people who put their effort into the items in your hands is important. Fair Wear certification helped to select partners that share the same values.
  • Responsible production: Every year, tons of unsold products get discarded. Producing only validated orders would help to avoid this damage.
  • Durable material: the material needed to live long enough so that things don't get bought just to get discarded the next day. Also, when eventually they reach the end of their life, they ned to do minimal harm.
  • Sustainable packaging: Even the best packaging is meant to be discarded, taking its places as environmental waste. I wanted to minimize our impact using recycled material and no plastics.


The Destination

Those One Liners reflects these principles. Here, you will find stories told with minimalist continuous line drawings printed on quality material with eco-friendly inks. People will be compensated fairly for their work in putting it in your hands, and we will create the minimum waste while producing the items. Then, you will receive these materials in environmentally friendly packaging, plant a tree for the future, and donate to a cause for the moment.

I hope that you enjoy your visit and stay in touch.


Those One Liners

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