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Hi, this is a self-portrait of me. I draw the one-line drawings of TOL. Their design principle is to have a clean look with added depth.

If you look to the portrait, you see that I love to use line thicknesses to give the designs a more three dimensional feeling.

These illustrations, website, most other work are done in a small studio in (generally) sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

Illustrated in Lisbon & Printed in France

Remember the Gargoyles that watch over Paris from the Notre Dame? This is a way to draw one with a single line.

I draw the the illustrations in my studio in in Lisbon. Then, they are printed in France by an atelier who do an amazing job.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent chemicals as pesticides or fertilizers. It is better for you and the environment.  It is softer and more comfortable to wear. It keeps its natural properties longer than conventional cotton, lasting longer and helping your budget. It is a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. The methods used in its farming is much safer for the environment, it requires 91% less water and 62% less energy for production, and lends support to local farmers.

Continuous line drawings, or one-line drawings, are a way of expressing shapes using a single unbroken line. Once you start drawing, the only rule is that the pen never leaves the paper until the drawing is finished.

Those One Liners started with a few ideas: create something unique, give back with what you can, and raise awareness while you do so. 

But how can we reach there? Thus, the journey began…

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