Who is your tree-planting partner?

Ecologi helps us offset our carbon footprint. Their transparency policy lets us see the steps taken on our behalf.

What does it mean to reduce the carbon footprint?

Almost everything, including the device you use for reading this page uses electricity. Funding projects for environmentally friendly production of energy and materials reduces our impact on the planet, reducing our carbon footprint. 

How do you participate?

We share a part of our earnings with Ecologi. Their partner, The Eden Restoration Project, carries out forestation activities by planting trees per product you buy.

Can I see how many trees have already been planted?

Of course. We have a tree counter at the footer of our website. It also links you to the website where you can learn more.

Where are your trees?

If you follow the Ecologi link using the tree counter at our footer, you can select each tree to see its number and location.

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