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Rhino | Organic Tote Bag

Size: Unique
Color: White

Imagine yourself being hunted for your fingernails and becoming nearly extinct because another species believes your fingernails look cool and will cure their sicknesses.

That’s about what happens to Rhinos. They’re almost poached to extinction (Western Black Rhinos became extinct in 2011) for their horns that are made of keratine: the same protein that makes up your nails and hair. So biting your nails has equal curing power to a rhino horn.

In reality, they are what comes closest to a Gentle Giant. You can observe them peacefully in their natural habitat unless you threaten them.

Here’s a slight problem, though. Rhinos have terrible eyesight, and they can hardly tell you apart from a tree.

Since they can’t generally see things coming at them, charging at whatever’s moving provides them safety. If they see “something” that they don’t like, they will charge at you three times faster than you can run away.

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