Our Story

How it all started

Those One Liners started with a simple idea: create what you cannot find. Simple and beautiful is a difficult combination to achieve. It is also what some of us look for while wandering through stores. In some cases, we’re presented with flashy prints taking up more space than we’d like to give them. In others, we end up with higher quality bland alternatives offered under essentials. Hence, the search for better alternative ensued…

The path we took

That search lead to the creation of apparel that fills the gap: expressive minimalist design merged with excellent quality, responsibly sourced material. We started by defining the values that will carry us to that destination.

Minimalist design:The idea of minimalism implies keeping only the strictly necessary. And what better way is there than continuous line drawings to achieve that design goal? All “Those One Liners” designs are made in-house, aiming to demonstrate the variety in this style.

High-quality material:Organic cotton is better for you, better for the environment, and better for the people who grow it. It was an undebated choice for us.

Sustainable packaging: However good the packaging is, it is meant to be discarded, only to become one of the biggest contributors to environmental waste. Our goal here was to minimize our impact by minimizing our packaging. We made sure of that using recycled material and no plastics.

Responsible sourcing: We aim to be fair to the people who put in their effort for you to have your items in your hands. Fair Wear Foundation’s certifications helps us work with suppliers that share the same values with us.

Responsible production: Every year, tons of unsold products get discarded. The least we would like to do is to add to this damage. We preferred to work in a way that allows us to produce only the validated orders.

Environmental responsibility: On our way, we wanted to give back a part of what we receive from this planet. Our solution came from partnerships that plant a tree for each item you order.

Where we arrived

Those One Liners is the result that reflects these values. It is where you will find minimalist continuous line drawings, printed on excellent quality organic cotton, using eco-friendly inks. People will be compensated well for their work in putting it in your hands, and we will create the minimum waste producing your items. Then, you will receive these materials in environmentally friendly packaging, planting a tree for each one of them.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and stay in touch.


Those One Liners - Founder

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